£1000 first prize

Thanks to a generous donation, we’re excited to announce that our first prize has increased to £1000. That’s right, £1000!

It has been a wonderful, early Christmas present for us here at the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. We are hugely grateful to our benefactors for this opportunity, which we hope will inspire writers everywhere.

We’ve seen entries already coming in from all over the world, and we’re thrilled at the enthusiasm we’ve received, and can’t wait to begin reading them! There’s still plenty of time left to enter the competition, and for those lucky enough to be getting a break over the festive season, we hope you’ll be putting pen-to-paper (so to speak).

It’s going to be a challenging couple of weeks as we prepare ourselves for a possible lockdown in the new year, but creativity and writing can provide us with joy, peace and understanding. There aren’t many prizes in January, so we hope ours will spur you on to find a moment for yourself and write.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to write more? Then pen your masterpiece in the next couple of weeks and send it in. We can’t wait to read your stories!

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