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We offer free entry to those who need it because we want everyone to have the chance to enter, regardless of their circumstances or background.

If you are also passionate about levelling the playing field in the arts, you can become an Oxford Flash Fiction Prize Don by don-ating at the checkout of your own entry, or by clicking on the PayPal link below.

Honestly, in the pandemic things haven’t been going great in life. Normal days also seem so challenging suddenly.

Contests like the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize motivate me to read, write and be productive on days when I feel I just can’t get up from the bed. However, as a student, I cannot enter contests with an entry fee. So when I found out that I have gotten a free entry, I was beyond happy.

Writer from Rajasthan, India, studying Sociology at Delhi University

I grew up in Brighton and still live there between the sea and the Downs. I’ve written since childhood but never entered a competition before or had anything published. My small business is suffering during COVID 19 and lockdown and I’ve had to go into Universal Credit. I was thrilled to find out that I’d been offered a free entry. Writing has been my escape especially this past year and I decided to be brave after some life changing events and enter this competition but without the free entry I couldn’t have afforded to enter.

Peri Wilson

Entry or application fees, as modest as they seem, are often barriers for folks from low-income corners of the world.

By providing such folks with free entries to its contest, the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize is removing barriers to participation and thus mitigating, in its little way, one subtle effect of global inequality.

Nnadozie Onyekuru