Oxford Flash Fiction Anthologies

Words are powerful. Despite what the saying tells us, words have the power to hurt us, but they also have the power to heal us too.

Sticks and Stones, May break your bones, But words can never hurt me are three collections of powerful stories from all around the world who were long listed in the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize.

In under 1000 words, they have the power to transport you, make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

‘I was struck by the originality of the stories and the assurance of the authors who effortlessly persuaded me to suspend disbelief time and again.

Judy Darley, author of The Stairs Are A Snowcapped Mountain and Sky Light Rain

‘Sisters turn into tigers, babies are born as half-human, hybrid creatures. These authors seem conscious that the world is, simultaneously, stunned still and also becoming unrecognizable, and they attempt to capture it in the middle of that shape-shift.’

Kim Magowan, author of Undoing and The Light Source.