May break your bones

An Oxford Flash Fiction anthology

Following on from Sticks and Stones, the May break your bones anthology is a collection of fifty powerful stories from all around the world. In under 1000 words, they have the power to transport you, to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Please note that this book contains mature content which may be unsuitable for younger readers. Content warnings are provided when necessary.

Authors: Abigail Williams, Adam Brannigan, Alison Wassell, Andy Kind, Anna Hopwood, Carey Camburn, C. Finity, Denise Bayes, Denny Jace, Donna L. Greenwood, Eleanor Luke, Emily Midgley, Emily Ives-Keeler, Felicity Lucas, Finley Hopmann, Gillian O’Shaughnessy, Heather Beier, Isaura Barbé-Brown, Jennifer McMahon, Jeremy Glazer, Jo Gatford, Joe Bedford, Judy Koot, Julia Pascal, Julia Clayton, Julie Hayman, Karen Blicker, Katja Sass, Katy Mahood, Lindsay Gillespie, Lindz McLeod, Maria Thomas, Mark Thomson, Matt Kendrick, Michael Salander, Michelle Penny, Monika Radojevic, Moses Mugo, Nancy Graham Holm, Richard Smith, Rowan Evans, Shereen Jackson, Shura Roberts, Sophie Kendall, Tom Vowler, Troy Dagg, Veneta Roberts, Yasmina Din Madden and Zoë D. Marriott.

Sticks and Stones

An Oxford Flash Fiction anthology

Words are powerful. Despite what the saying tells us, words have the power to hurt us, but they also have the power to heal us, too.

Sticks and Stones is a collection of sixty powerful stories from all around the world. In under 1000 words, they have the power to transport you, to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. They are the very greatest stories from a snapshot in time where people everywhere were looking to connect by returning to their words during a pandemic.

Authors: Cornerlis Affre, Gayathiri Dhevi Appathurai, Holly Barratt, John Barron, Lydia Benson, Sharon Boyle, Benjamin Britworth, Lucas Cammack, Anthony Cartwright, Philip Charter, Kevin Cheeseman, Yvonne Clarke, Patrick Clarke, Marie Day, Michelle Donkin, Kim Donovan, Daniel Draper, Conor Duggan, Julie Evans, Richard Frost, Frances Gapper, Salah Golandami, Esther González, Brian Gully, Simon Harris, David Hartley, Paul Jackson, Talis Johnson, Holly Kybett Smith, David Lewis, Rosaleen Lynch, Niamh Mac Cabe, Clare Marsh, Sarah Martin, Lynsey May, Paddy McKenna, Sarah McPherson, David McVey, Louise Mills, Conor Montague, Thomas Moody, Linda Morse, Jenn Murray, Rose New, Audrey Niven, Ayemhenre Okosun, Hazel Osmond, Tracey-Anne Plater, E.E. Rhodes, Louis Rossi, Helen Rushworth, Elizabeth Smith, Brittany Terwilliger, Matthew Tucker, Kevin West, Susan Wigmore, Erik Wijkström, Helen Williams and G.A. Wolf.

‘I was struck by the originality of the stories and the assurance of the authors who effortlessly persuaded me to suspend disbelief time and again.

Judy Darley, author of The Stairs Are A Snowcapped Mountain and Sky Light Rain

‘Sisters turn into tigers, babies are born as half-human, hybrid creatures. These authors seem conscious that the world is, simultaneously, stunned still and also becoming unrecognizable, and they attempt to capture it in the middle of that shape-shift.’

Kim Magowan, author of Undoing and The Light Source.