The Prize in a Pandemic

Oxford Flash Fiction Prize: Write yourself into history and become one of the greats

Here in one of the oldest towns, where the history of the English language can be traced back to its ancient streets, we want to celebrate one of the newest forms in literature – flash fiction – with an international bi-annual competition.

In times like these, we need stories more than ever to give us perspective, hope, escapism, motivation, and more. We believe competitions, such as ours, have the power to inspire, encourage, and elevate writers wherever they are on their journey.

We hope the prize provides writers like you with the stone you need to sharpen your tools. A way to improve your craft by providing motivation, a deadline, and opportunity. In the words of the famous Oxford author:

‘It is only by writing, not dreaming about it,

that we develop our own style.’


We want to encourage writers from all backgrounds to enter the prize, to represent Oxford as it really is. We don’t care if you know Latin or if you’ve made up your own language, all we care about is great storytelling. Throw out the rule book, and look to the spires.

Our doors are open, so if you’re in need of a free entry, get in touch with us today.

We’ll be posting quotes and tips and keeping you up to date as the Prize progresses. So don’t forget to subscribe. We have lots of plans in the making, so watch this space.

You have 90 days until the deadline, so get crafting and feel inspired! To find out more about us, roam our website.

We’re still developing some of the finer details, so do bear with us.

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