Third place: Sticks and stones by Elizabeth Smith

She spends every evening extricating words from where they’ve lodged beneath the surface of the skin. Most of the wounds are superficial and easily concealed. A few of the cuts are deeper and could probably do with a stitch or two, but she just sticks on a plaster and hopes that the blood won’t seepContinue reading “Third place: Sticks and stones by Elizabeth Smith”

First place: Fearful Symmetry by Holly Barratt

I first met my sister when I was five. She was twice the size of a house cat, with a soft little bear-face, snowy whiskers and a baffled smile. She rolled over and stretched out her fluffy limbs. I instantly loved the pin cushion pads of her paws, and the wiggle of stripes as sheContinue reading “First place: Fearful Symmetry by Holly Barratt”

Second place: Skin by Daniel Draper

She was born with a caul, but at least she was human. At the birth I shut my eyes, terrified. The metallic smell of blood mixed with brine and earth under Sandra’s screams and I only opened them once I heard the midwife’s surprise. It was a surprise without horror. I’d never seen a caulContinue reading “Second place: Skin by Daniel Draper”

The 2021 winter short-list

We are thrilled to announce our short-list for the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2021. If your story is listed, please do not identify which story belongs to you, as the judges finalise the winners. SHORT LISTED STORIES A drag queen named Lipstick by Conor Duggan Barking Mad by Richard Frost Connie by Linda Morse Fearful Symmetry byContinue reading “The 2021 winter short-list”

The 2021 winter long-list

We are thrilled to announce our long-list for the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2021. Congratulations to the all the authors who reached the top 5% of entries in the Prize. We saw a wonderful range of genres, topics and stories from all over the world and it was hugely competitive. Many wonderful stories just missed theContinue reading “The 2021 winter long-list”

The Next Chapter

As the competition closes, we are proud to announce our judges for this round of the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. We have had hundreds of entries from all over the world including: India, Spain, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Czechia, Netherlands, Israel, South Africa, France, Nigeria, Finland, Ghana, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, New ZealandContinue reading “The Next Chapter”

Deadline extension for free entries

We have extended our deadline for free entries until 25 January 2020. We offer free entry to writers on a low/no-income or who receive Unemployment Benefits, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Compensation, or other state/authorised aid. We also provide free entries for students. Did we miss something? Whatever your circumstances, if the entry fee is a sticking-point andContinue reading “Deadline extension for free entries”

£1000 first prize

Thanks to a generous donation, we’re excited to announce that our first prize has increased to £1000. That’s right, £1000! It has been a wonderful, early Christmas present for us here at the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize. We are hugely grateful to our benefactors for this opportunity, which we hope will inspire writers everywhere. We’veContinue reading “£1000 first prize”