The 2022 summer short-list

We are thrilled to announce our short-list for the summer Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2022. If your story is listed, please do not identify which story belongs to you, as the judges are hard at work making their decisions. We will be contacting you soon regarding our end of year anthology.

This year, our shortlist will be awarded publication in our next anthology and a four-week workshop called Dust Off Those Drafts with The Flash Cabin. They will get four weeks of feedback exchange and story revision (includes 20 revision exercises & 20 study stories) with Anika Carpenter.


  • 1974 by Veneta Roberts
  • A Boy Named Blue by Judy Foot
  • A Thin Line by Emily Midgley
  • Aching Bones by Zoë Marriott
  • All My F/a/c/e/s by Adam Brannigan
  • Amy by Richard Smith
  • An Orange Wool Identity by Michael Salander
  • Comparative Advantage by Nancy Graham Holm
  • Dinosaur Bones by Emily Ives-Keeler
  • Goose by Isaura Barbé-Brown
  • Gorgo Down Under by Gillian O’Shaughnessy
  • How to spend more time with your father. by Kate Sass
  • Let’s say by Maria Thomas
  • Like Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club by Eleanor Luke
  • My Name is Alice by Jennifer McMahon
  • Perfect Petersons by Finley Hopmann
  • The Anatomy of Arriving by Michelle Wong
  • The Awakening by Julia Pascal
  • The Kuklops by Donna L. Greenwood
  • The Music Makers by Tom Vowler
  • The Other People by Denny Jace
  • The Poisoners Apprentice by Rowan Evans
  • The Rainbow Poncho by Anna Hopwood
  • Too soon, too late by Stephen Haines

Our next competition will be opening on the 1 November 2022. So if you don’t find yourself on this list, we hope you’ll try again in our next competition and keep crafting.

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