First place: Twenty-one Species of Fish Called Sardine by Rosaleen Lynch

Mam wants a mermaid instead of me and though I slip out of her like a fish in the birthing pool on a rainy day, I have no tail or scales, and I do not smell of the sea, and when Pa tries to give her this squalling too-many-limbed me, she tells him ‘Some cactusesContinue reading “First place: Twenty-one Species of Fish Called Sardine by Rosaleen Lynch”

Second place: A Migration by Lydia Benson

In the beginning it was just you and me. Perhaps just me, from my perspective. You were the extension that was warm and singing. You were black hair and green eyes.  At first, we were in the back room of the old Victorian house. You fed me in bed against the red wall, illuminated byContinue reading “Second place: A Migration by Lydia Benson”

Third place: …now you don’t by Hazel Osmond

They used to laugh about it before they went on. It was their warm-up and lucky routine. She’d be contorting herself in some corner near the plug socket, coaxing her hair to twice its volume with a hot wand, and he’d take his wand out of its case and with a white, black, white wave over hisContinue reading “Third place: …now you don’t by Hazel Osmond”

New Voice Award: The Hornbeam’s lament by Helen Williams

Autumn 1901 The axes, saws and chains came that autumn. I was only 82 years old then. They cleared the land to build the house, removing the woodland around me with indecent haste. The sounds of the crashing branches as they felled my family haunt me still. Then, they stopped, and left me, a loneContinue reading “New Voice Award: The Hornbeam’s lament by Helen Williams”

The 2021 summer short-list

We are thrilled to announce our short-list for the summer Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2021. Congratulations to all of the authors who reached the list. If your story is listed, please do not identify which story belongs to you, as the judges are hard at work making their decisions. We will be contacting you soon regarding ourContinue reading “The 2021 summer short-list”