First Place: The Anatomy of Arriving by Michele Wong

We accept simultaneous submissions to our competition, and as a result this story will first be published in December 2022 by The Master’s Review, and then by the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize in 2023. So watch this space! An engrossing, evocative piece with flashes of lyricism and depth; it explores belonging, loss and transformation. RachelContinue reading “First Place: The Anatomy of Arriving by Michele Wong”

Sticks and Stones: Oxford Flash Fiction Anthology launch – 23 April, 5 pm

We are thrilled to launch the first Oxford Flash Fiction anthology 2021 this month, and you are invited! Celebrate with us for an evening of readings, prizes and more, with past judges, and the authors themselves. 23 April 2022 5 pm Authors Cornerlis Affre, Gayathiri Dhevi Appathurai, Holly Barratt, John Barron, Lydia Benson, Sharon Boyle,Continue reading “Sticks and Stones: Oxford Flash Fiction Anthology launch – 23 April, 5 pm”

First place: The De Facto Mother by Yasmina Din Madden

Kiki learns that male alligators have permanent erections while she watches the Discovery Channel instead of grading five paragraph essays from her eighth graders who, among the boys, she also suspects have permanent erections. Over the many years she’s taught, she’s seen hundreds of boys adjust themselves, eyes darting around the room, checking to see if anyone noticed, orContinue reading “First place: The De Facto Mother by Yasmina Din Madden”

Second place: The Salt Trick by Matt Kendrick

The day of the disappearance smells of citrus air freshener. Jimmy is nine. His younger sister, Clara, who likes to be the centre of attention, throws up on the way to the theatre and they are late taking their seats. The show is a magic show. The magician pulls a bunny from a hat, transformsContinue reading “Second place: The Salt Trick by Matt Kendrick”

Third place: Asshole Dolphin by Jeremy Glazer

I know you people think all dolphins are great, but believe me, Meg is a straight up asshole. I should know. I have to work with her every goddam day, swimming around this shitty lagoon in Key Largo, rickshawing tourists on our backs for two minutes a pop. Meg is a total fucking sell-out collaborator.Continue reading “Third place: Asshole Dolphin by Jeremy Glazer”

New Voice Award: The Egg by Sophie Kendall

As soon as my fuddled brain tasted the stale alcohol of the beer, the sirens began. They screamed one long note, which tore the silence of the night apart. I sat still, head half-cocked, listening. As usual Dad’s pub was full to bursting with locals who had all been dancing and singing to high heavens,Continue reading “New Voice Award: The Egg by Sophie Kendall”

The 2022 winter short-list

We are thrilled to announce our short-list for the winter Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2022. If your story is listed, please do not identify which story belongs to you, as the judges are hard at work making their decisions. SHORT LISTED STORIES A Summoning Spell Am I Human? Asshole Dolphin Birthday gift Daisy Bradley, Fake Santa andContinue reading “The 2022 winter short-list”

Each place has its own identity, heritage, culture, but there is one thread that runs through them all – and that is humanity. Wherever we are in the world, we are all affected, to different degrees I’m sure, by emotions, relationships to people, place, history, and attachment. I have been very fortunate to have lived inContinue reading

First place: Twenty-one Species of Fish Called Sardine by Rosaleen Lynch

Mam wants a mermaid instead of me and though I slip out of her like a fish in the birthing pool on a rainy day, I have no tail or scales, and I do not smell of the sea, and when Pa tries to give her this squalling too-many-limbed me, she tells him ‘Some cactusesContinue reading “First place: Twenty-one Species of Fish Called Sardine by Rosaleen Lynch”